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Don't judge a book by it's cover just yet. The design may seem to be pretty simple right now but what I want done to it might bring it out a little more.

With this design, I want to add some specialty printing that will bring texture to the touch of your fingers. The silver lining will have silver shimmer ink, and the black lining will have suede ink or a flock heat transfer(which ever works for the printers, but I perfer suede.)

The design is made for girls mostly because I can't see a boy wearing this. lol

I provided a closer example of what I wanted in the top right corner. I added texture to show how it probably would look. Hopefully it can be done, but that's only if it will get printed ^^;

The design is called abstract music because behind all the abstractness, you can actually see a music note forming in the design.

Well, anyways, thank you everyone for viewing! :)

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