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ivanrodero profile pic Artist

Ivanrodero and Frickinawesome have been worried sick about the missing piece in our friend's linked-together body! First off, the piece is right over where his heart should be, so lord knows how long our buddy Jiggs can survive without it! We've checked behind every bookshelf and under every couch cushion, finding nothing remotely close to fitting into that sorely empty, vacant space. We hope the lil' guy hasn't run away from home and joined a circus puzzle, and is currently trying to impersonate a corner edge piece.


Awesome. Love it. Please make available in a girly XS, V neck w/ sleeves (the sleeves which go down to the mid-lower part of the upper arm). Such a bright idea. I love the humour and your write up about your art- excellent.

Pigboom idea

ben chen
ben chen profile pic Alumni

so good

L-M-N-O-P profile pic Alumni

nathanwpyle at on Oct 10 '11 perfectly executed brilliant idea win win $5

The simplicity of the style helps sell the concept too, I think. It could have been muddled and cluttered with a bunch of unnecessary details, but you distilled it down to a perfectly understandable, make-you-smile design. 5$, gentlemen.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

haha, thanks so much for the awesome comments so far everyone, Ivan and I appreciate it!

The simplicity of the style helps sell the concept too, I think. It could have been muddled and cluttered with a bunch of unnecessary details, but you distilled it down to a perfectly understandable, make-you-smile design. 5$, gentlemen.

Thanks Jeremy, Ivan and I tried out a bunch of extra posters on the telephone poles and some extra details in the background, but we took them almost all away except for one smaller goofy detail that we felt wasn't distracting so the idea could come through quickly.

Thanks for stopping by and lending a hand trying to put the final piece into this runaway mystery!


Nice idea :)


great! 5$

ellygeh profile pic Alumni

Ahehahaha awesome idea! Great work guys!

ivanrodero profile pic Artist

Thanks guys! you know you rock...

Also listen to Evan, he knows what he is talking about ;^)

soloyo profile pic Alumni

Spoiler blog Material


Great job, guys!


Brilliant idea! Awesome illo! $5


Clever and funny. High 5!

kathleenisradical profile pic Alumni

Awwww, it makes me sad ): Love it so much though!

Cindy Strecker

Very funny! I need to do this for my missing pieces!

ValerieStrecker profile pic Alumni

All of the above - superbly funny! 5$


great collab!

Graja profile pic Alumni

Yes, perfect work!

Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

So clever. So nice!

Stereomode profile pic Alumni



Hahaha... Great. Amazing collab!!!


I love the color scheme chosen!


hahahaha!!!!! I love it so much!!!! $5

Herr Bias
Herr Bias profile pic Alumni

best ;)

bygrinstow profile pic Alumni

Absolutely a 5!

(but his heart is on his right side???)

moulin bleu
moulin bleu profile pic Alumni

as your score indicates, absolutely brilliant!

ivanrodero profile pic Artist

Wow guys thanks for the great response, Evan and I are super happy about it.

bottleHeD, Glad you noticed it we worked really hard at it (seriously).

bygrinstow, dextrocardia is a natural thing in the puzzle anatomy... lol.

Rock on everyone!

spacesick profile pic Alumni

ahaha. perfect! 5$


Nice :D:D 5$


hah 5$

eQuivalent profile pic Alumni


Wirdou profile pic Alumni

hahahaha I saw your comment at my design "The Lost Piece" hahahaha Maybe that is the missing piece you are looking for! hahahah This design is brilliant! You have my 5$. I'm sorry I submitted something similar, but I had finished it before I saw yours... I love the detail with the meetic/ version with puzzle pieces! I hope this gets print! :)

Anishaxx1 profile pic Alumni

FUNNY!!! This idea is so great, love the concept. And super cute detail, the poster for meeting other "pieces" you "click" with is so adorable!!!! Love it!


THIS IS GREAT. This should win, hands down.


5$ brilliant!!!


simple but great!!

Mat Pringle
Mat Pringle profile pic Alumni

$5 - excellent idea and perfectly designed. I agree about the restrained level of detail too in this instance - makes the whole thing leap more. Ace collaboration!


So Great!!

titus toledo

could our friend's missing piece be hidden somewhere in there?

definitely a champion collab in my book: hi ho.


bahahaha! i had a good laugh, $5

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