Lil Red

Design by corey9

Lil Red by corey9 on Threadless
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corey9 profile pic Artist

yeah i dont get it either!? did i draw this?

jean_warhol profile pic Alumni

nice to see ya! its been a while


The Grandmother Its a good guess..yeah, even if wrong.

Your humor is so out there (but, in a good way) that its hard to know if there is an actual obscure reference or is it just total randomness. Either way, I like. Took me a while to go thru your subs to see what it is your about but i get it now (or dont get it , if that is your intentions)


The Grandmother


Ok what is up with Threadless and comments...its deleting half! Sorry My guess for this design David Lynch---Eraserhead--The Grandmother


good job!!!


This design is pretty sharp. $5

Ponder Design Concepts

Hi love the design of this tee, the composition, colour's and style all gel well with me, well done.

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