Pop your collar!

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Pop your collar! by Monkey X on Threadless
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Monkey X
Monkey X profile pic Artist

Poppin' one's collar used to be uncool, but now there's a way! It's totally awesome if 1) your name is Eric Cantona or 2) you're a bloodsucking vampire.

Vampires got away with it for centuries now. So I thought of a way to incorporate that for the challenge.


Eric Cantona (I've just see the movie "Looking for Eric" by Ken Loach) is a boss!! So you're my man!

eQuivalent profile pic Alumni



Hahah, cool! :)


nice concept!!! hehehe

Monkey X
Monkey X profile pic Artist

Thank you!

Monkey X
Monkey X profile pic Artist

Thank you!

The Escape Artist

I'd wear this for Halloween, while playing golf at night.

rodrigobhz profile pic Alumni

This is really clever. I'm just curious about the picture in the left corner, what's about? :P


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