Crazy Teeth

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Crazy Teeth by JanDeA on Threadless
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JanDeA profile pic Artist

Child's design Chatter teeth out of control. I would not wind this one up.


( ゚▽゚)/ cool!


cool concept some things that pop out at me as incorrect (to me at least) the shadows. the shadow of the teeth's feet is non-existent or just that whole blob of a shadow. I think you should make the feet have a seperate, black shadow. also the jack on the right seems to be missing a shadow.

cool though

JanDeA profile pic Artist

Hi OHMS! The feet are pulling up so did not want to put the shadow under all of it. The jax on the right side shadow would blend into the other shadow, the jaw as well . I always have issues with shadow so I studied shadows and found that they do blend and blob together for the most part. Was going to make it gray but it lost some pop so I kept this color. Thanks for the critique I am always striving to grow as an artist.

JanDeA profile pic Artist

LOL! It would have fit my kids when they were little. Maybe good for Dr. Evils baby?


Great imagination! I LOVE those wind-up teeth!

qapitan profile pic Alumni

hahah cool

Anloma profile pic Alumni

cool design!

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