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Amazing!!! PRINT!!! $5

L-M-N-O-P profile pic Alumni


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Love the front and back. I hope this prints, it's one of your best! $5!!

cmdixon2 profile pic Alumni

I don't see how this could possibly not be printed, it's too good. Can't wait to buy! $5!

cmdixon2 profile pic Alumni

sorry for the extra post ;)


So CooL!


This reminds of 1988 lawn art incident. I remember it like it was yesterday... "you can't do that on television" had just concluded, and we all headed outside for a water fight. "Need you tonight" by INXS was blaring on the boombox while we all armed ourselves with balloons preparing for battle. Splash, pow, sploosh, then a sound I hadn't expected, shlunk. There stood bootsboots armed with an arm full of lawn darts, and a devilish grin. There I laid with a dart half way through my thigh. The other kids ran screaming, but not me. I knew this was a sign of good things to come. Earlier that day when I tripped her on the stairs the older kids teased that I must like her. By this gold standard of reasoning, I knew she was in love. In hindsight I might have been wrong, because when I hobbled over, and tried to kiss her she stabbed me in shoulder with another dart. I'm not holding a grudge though, because when I got back from the ER she gave me her Pocket Rocker.
Good luck on the print!


hahahaha, love this

kaseyfleming profile pic Alumni

XD funny stuff boots.



Mat Pringle
Mat Pringle profile pic Alumni

Ha ha - great stuff!

jmeaspls profile pic Alumni

this looks nice

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

haha, wonderful back/front idea, I like how the way night and day is coming out of the clouds corresponds to the wearer's front and backside as well.

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