A Rose By Any Other Name

Design by tylerbramer

A Rose By Any Other Name by tylerbramer on Threadless
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tylerbramer profile pic Artist

A Shakespeare inspired design. A name is just a name, its the feeling behind something that really counts. I hope you like it.

moulin bleu
moulin bleu profile pic Alumni

lovely style to this, a la retro poster


Might want to make the spacing between words a little bit bigger. "ASSWEET" popped out to me.

tylerbramer profile pic Artist

@ChChChChie: Now that you mention it I notice that. Thanks for spotting that.

@moulin blue: Thanks!


I really like the "ROSE" text, chchchchie if the words were more spaced then it would popo out EVEN MORE


Hmm, well, I'm no designer, but it's just something I noticed. Perhaps a different font altogether for the text on the banner. :D

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