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I think the top of the INSIDE of the beak should be down a bit.
I love it.




I'd wear the hell out of that!


By the way would DEFINATELY buy.

artchimp profile pic Alumni

this is a great illustration.... but it needs to be smaller and placed higher on the shirt. as it is it's too big.

jbyron profile pic Artist

promotes cruelty? are you one of those that thinks my "flowers in the attic" design promotes suicide?
please, everybody - think this shit through before you post - or if you are unsure, feel free to email me (just follow the links) - and remember, not all art has a "message."


Thinking about it, I wouldn't mind a touch more detail for the upper part of the bird. The fist seems so much more detailed in comparison.

jbyron profile pic Artist

eyemedikation, what's the message of "b-boy jesus?"
Stay tuned everyone, this should be good.
In the meantime, to explain my position a little bettter - I understand that the viewer of a piece of artwork may receive a message through careful observation but this "message" may be more in the viewers's perception than the actual art. Obviously this isn't the case for all art, some have a very clear message. But in this case, "cruelty to animals" was never intended.
That's way to specific anyway. If there is a message, it's broader - like a mood: displaced aggresion maybe. But that's just me (sorry for the novel).

jbyron profile pic Artist

so there's no confusion: I logged onto my friend and supporter, maggien's computer for the above response (didn't think about the identitiy confusion it would cause).

jbyron profile pic Artist

Jesus people, am I speaking in another language. I never said the design doesn't communicate anything. I said there was no intended meaning. That's not to say you, the viewers, wont get a meaning out of it - but as the creator of the piece, I think I have a right to share my opininion when I think someone is WAY off with their interpretation.
C'mon Joel, you gotta retrace the facts before jumping in like that.

Also, many of you are quick to make a strong distinction between fine-art and graphic design. I've been working in both fields for years and have yet to see a huge difference. Even when selling something, most work that comes across my desk would be considered "art" if it weren't for the athletic shoe or sports drink in the corner. And even then...

And the "identity crisis" is nothing too diabolical - just using my roommate's PC (to show him how far this debate is going actually).
I admit that his opinion of my work is probably biased - but hey, whatcha gonna do?

jbyron profile pic Artist

Ess, I'm seriously worried about your blood-pressure.


I agree with yrembraceismyair..
Possibly from Dahmer's family album?!
And without getting drawn into all the arguing up there.. I don't really like the idea of squeezing birds... especially those with beak deformities (they've got enough to worry about).

jbyron profile pic Artist

Johnny, from what I read - I think your dead on. But I must admit, I didn't finish your textbook size post - it just seemed too much like work.
Myself, I'm a Cliff's Notes man.
The bird's head was referenced from a photo of a baby bird whose beak wasn't fully formed (the critter barely had feathers) - but in this context, it does look a little off. Consider it fixed.


Why is there a debate about this shirt????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????..........although i can almost hear the crunch of tiny bones!!!!!!!!!
......Its only a teeshirt..... respect that fact!!!!

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