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One color on white, hope you like it :)


^ agreed!


Great detail!


Very cool illustration~

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Thank you for all of your kind comments everyone! : D


cool ~

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Thanks for all of the awesome comments guys! 2.03 though, huh . . . ouch

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~EsserMe I did not say anything rude to you on your critiquing page, all I did was point out to you that you should not try to promote your own design on other people submission pages. I know you didn't do it to me but I was noticing it a lot when I was scoring other peoples designs. Promoting yourself like that can really hurt your reputation and your score. I didn't insult you in any way, I was just trying to further inform you. Now a really rude thing to do is try to scold me about this on my own submission, a submission page is only for scoring and comment about the design being scored, not for venting to me and everyone else how I was being rude to you by trying to get you to stop using other peoples submissions as means of getting support for your own design. try making a work in progress blog or some alternative means of gathering help. I'm sorry for any misunderstanding and best of luck on your designs here. and could you please not reply on my submission page if you feel the need to, but instead on your critique page. again best of luck. -Brandon

Braniel profile pic Artist

Thanks for all of the nice comments and good scores everyone:)! I'll just have to bring something better to the table to get a better score next time:)

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