Money Doesn't Buy Happiness

Design by skaw

Money Doesn't Buy Happiness by skaw on Threadless
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myteemo profile pic Alumni

Love the sentiment behind this one.

rbthatcher profile pic Alumni



well done!!

d3d profile pic Alumni

maybe take a look at the kind of stuff that normally does well here and try again. good on you for giving it a shot though, whoever you are.

Wylie Knowords

I have seen Stefan 3 times on TED. Have to buy his book.

Love to pun with words and see others do it with design. Great job. So much with so little. Makes you think. (If I were still teaching, I would hold this up and ask my 6th-grades what they thought it meant. I would tell them what you wrote but not that they were wrong for a different vision.) I am starting to learn to draw. Great job.

Plu Shu

Nice idea, but the crying aspect is too subtle to me, but it's hard to get it without breaking the two lines of the $...

Plu Shu

But somehow making you stare at it, which is always a good thing :)

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