The Lighthouse

Design by heatherzandradesigns

The Lighthouse by heatherzandradesigns on Threadless
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I've always thought lighthouses were cool so I decided why not sketch one. Black on white; nice and simple. No special printing required :)

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awesome, I really like your style!

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dig the concept


:( Sorry, I missed the scoring. I like the simple, sketchy style. It's good that it's easy to print. Sketchy designs work well on white. Unfortunately, I feel like the idea is kind of weak. While lighthouses do look pretty cool, it's not a very popular idea. While the shirt does look nice, I don't know how many people are interested in lighthouses. The presentation is also kind of weak. The way the model is squished into the picture looks kind of... unprofessional.

Don't get me wrong, the design is sweet, but the idea is a little off. I'd give it a 4.

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