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Salty Rubberbands

Wasn't there already a formula submission.. with sheep?

Seems a little repetative to me.


Good idea, but the sillouhette guy doesn't look very rock'n'roll. I can't say I'd wear it.


i don't like it :((


i love the equations... physicsloverhere
but like Glorifiedg posted, the *silhouette doesn't really have
that "Rock&Roll" feeling to it.
but i would still wear it ;)


did you use math type to type the formula and whatnot? i think the font shouldn't be as formal. make it look written. good luck with that if you use math type. the shirt's a bit too neat. make it a little messier. overall, i'd wear it if given to me!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

like kiaora.bro said, i thought up on first glance that we had yet another past-dated ipod ad on our hands judging from the colors of the shirt againt the silhoutted character. Plus, the formula needs to have some definite excitement at the end of it...like a formal equals sign contrasted by a wild and crazily scribbled "rock out!!!!" as the final solution to this very sterile and serious equation. We don't really want to learn pyshics with this shirt, we just want there to be a design that illustrates the joke.


Sweetness. $5


the equations make absolutely no sense.


I know people that would love to have this shirt. But I have to agree with one of the first comments, the guy needs to be more... Umm... (how can I say it without resorting to hand gestures and air guitar?) classic "heavy metal" rock?



Change the silhouette. He looks like a poser in a guitar store.

TheArtRobot profile pic Alumni

Bad physics does not rock.

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