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I was watching videos about animals with their kids/friends and it occured to me that even if these animals did not talk or show blunt motives, we know that they also have emotions. I sometimes wonder if they have the same level of emotions compared to us human beings. People say not really, cause they have no souls. But is this necessarily true? A mother cat saving her kitten from a fire; A dog not leaving his friend in Japan, and in this case, a swift eagle saving his son from danger. I believe they have souls, too. Who are we to say otherwise?

Easter egg: The guns used are modelled after an 'eagle-type' gun!


love your illustration~

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Thanks Wilfur!

Thanks Siege!

Hope all of u guys pressed 'I'd buy it'! Thanks a lot!


yeah, animals have souls, too! kudos sombers_eye! 5$!!!!!

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my new design!

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