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Amy Lee..~ by letgoofme on Threadless
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L-M-N-O-P profile pic Alumni

Representations of celebrities is kinda discouraged here. That being said, this piece of art is obscure enough as to not fully disclose who it is (aside from the title). I feel there's a bit too much black in the design: maybe if you had some empty space shaped like birds or trees IN the large black portion it would unify the design as a whole. Great style, though. Keep it up.



YaaH profile pic Alumni


FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Everything Jeremy said.

gojirra profile pic Alumni

This looks so damn awesome, its just a shame that it is someone famous. You should really replace the face with a more illustrated, generic woman's. For me it would solve two problems, the celebrity aspect, and the fact that the face doesn't match the rest of the artwork for me. I would give this $5 in a heartbeat if you made those changes. Otherwise, this still looks fantastic!


Cool illustration~


I think it would be cool if you ditched the face completely, and moved the hair down so it was just hair coming up from the bottom of the shirt. Nice style though :)

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