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There could be a treasure at the bottom of your drink!

A design from a polaroid photogram, again.

Simulated process on navy, maroon, purple or dark gray tee; 4-color process on Thermos with light color paint on bottle. The design wraps seamlessly around the bottle.


The green thermos looks great!


This is really nice. Very relaxing to look at. Nicely done!


Cool illo!!

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Thanks a lot good people! =)

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It started at 1.86 and climbed steadily, reaching 2.13 on the day before last then went down a little.


Please stop linking your message about linking designs in other peoples submissions. It is annoying, it is rude, it is advised against in the 'Threadiquette' file in the sub kit, and it DOES NOT help your chances of being called a hypocrite because you too sir, are spamming.

good day

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