No means No.

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No means No. by graffd02 on Threadless
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Read a classic book with all the hassle of picking up a book...

Not in a house, not with a mouse. Not in a box, not with a fox. Not on a train, not in the rain. Not with a goat, not on a boat. I will not eat green eggs and ham I do not like them Sam I Am!


i love green eggs and ham! great design$_$

moulin bleu
moulin bleu profile pic Alumni

bahahaha, very nice! very original


Funny idea, but the placement seems off to me.

graffd02 profile pic Artist

Thanks for all the positive feedback and votes...

@Vanghoul: how would you improve the placement?


this is a very cool idea!! love it so much!

Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

My name is Sam, and I approve this t-shirt.


$5 because I want a green eggs and ham t-shirt! i agree the layout of ham, eggs, icons could be improved...possibly smaller icons circling the bigger ham and eggs? maybe making the eggs a bit more Suessian with bulging green yolks and slimy whites? put them on a platter?

I also want to add that your eric carle 7 deadly insects design is brilliant and I want a T! I hope you resubmit for another chance at getting printed. I carved and painted Carle's insects into furniture my husband built for our children.

keep mining those children's books!

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