30 Lives

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30 Lives by joshwa on Threadless
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etherbrian profile pic Alumni

A sweet retro cheat tee!


Oh, Hell yeah! Konami Code forever! ^_^ 5$!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

yes, ive seen this shirt design a bazillion times, but never with the entire directional pad, and the correct directions lit up like some sort of contra dance dance revolution! I've never bought one of the shirts b/c i always thought they were uglier than the final boss of this classic side-scroll killer, but this one would be the one i would finally rock around town to show people how out of touch i am with modern gaming, and damned proud of it! Ah, flashing back to a time when it wasn't just about automatic saves and lives actually mattered in a videogame...4 bucks contracash.


contra woohooo but have seen the contra code done many diff ways on many diff shirts

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

What the fuck is with the Up Up Down Down subs lately?

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