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neilss1 profile pic Artist

This in response to people saying Obama's health plan in the US is taking away Amercian's freedom and causing uproar. This is what popped into my head when I heard about peoples reactions.

Wanted to make his hair green but I had to stick to the 8 colour limit :(

YaaH profile pic Alumni


Totally disagree with the message but the illustration is well done

neilss1 profile pic Artist

Oh yea me too, Im actually a type two diabetic thats why I took interest in the topic, I live in the UK so healthcare is free for me. dont know what I would do without it!!!

SuperRyan profile pic Alumni

I never understood the Jokerization of Barack Obama's image


I never understood Jokerization. I think that's why Heath Ledger died; in order for others to take his identity, he had give up his (life). When you think about it, Heath Ledger was a lot like Jesus. Didn't Jesus die from an overdose of stab wounds?

The Joker is Jesus, Obama is Jesus, this design is godly.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Nice illo, but not only is this kind of past its due date for the health care debate, but most people will think you are against the health care plan and not poking ironic fun at what people's fear of what the health care program will bring to our lives will be.

neilss1 profile pic Artist

Thanks the whole concept of the image is to make something that will rock the boat a little bit. I understand that debate is a little dated but even if that's the case the nurses hat could still be taken away.


interesting concept but he's not my president :P


This is already a widely used image (besides the nurse's hat)...and I totally think this just portrays health care/Obama in a negative light because that is what this image is used for everywhere. So if that's what you are going for...

Also, the original creator of the Obama joker just watched a tutorial on youtube about how to "jokerize" he just did it to Obama, so the image in itself is pretty meaningless, even stated so by the guy who created this.


Interesting concept but I feel like not everyone will/can appreciate the message... nice illo though.


what a creepy nurse. good work on the illlustration

neilss1 profile pic Artist

Mcmatcg, SHUT UP I dont need a tutorial to sit and draw someone as the joker its not hard to do if you can draw drawing tuts are for tracers not artists, how dar eyou make the accusation that I just watched a video and copied it.


LOL that is pretty funny!


Dude, I didn't say you watched a tutorial and copied it, I said the guy who originally created this image did so...also, I said this image already exists and you didn't just coincidentally come up with the idea of Obama as the Joker... and well, that is a fact. It's been at every stupid tea party rally for 2 years.

neilss1 profile pic Artist

I know what you mean it but it did sound like you said I copied it. Your right it wouldn't work on its own that's why I added the nurse hat because there are a lot of people who are actually against his health plan that was the concept behind the image.


Nothing is quite so funny to me as the phrase "the original creator of" when used to describe someone using a horribly tired meme mashup.

neilss1 profile pic Artist

A meme that alot of people know about, but thanks!!!!

Ryder profile pic Alumni

i can't take this design seriously after your little outburst at mcmarcg...

that was childish, dude.... you need to relax....

neilss1 profile pic Artist

Well there is a "Remember be nice" there for a reason and he ignored it...

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