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5 people on facebook are racist

thegoodpope profile pic Alumni
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5 people on facebook are racist

LMAO.... Yeah... I don't know what to think...

SuperRyan profile pic Alumni

This is outrageous!

He's only half black, so he should only be half monkey.


best shirt ever.

parallelish profile pic Alumni

im not voting this based on my political views, but the title and subject matter suggest that it's obama, and suggesting that any black person is a monkey is extremely racist.

YaaH profile pic Alumni

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

You should email this to fifty of your closest friends and then run for public office, I'm sure this won't come back to you bite you in the a-hole!


who are the true racists? the ones who automatically think of our president or the one who designed based on pure creativity? i vote the ones who automatically thought that this was President Obama. boooo yahh.

parallelish profile pic Alumni

@ El Greazy 1 even if the artist didnt mean for it to be political or racist, given the time it was submitted and the subject matter it would lead most people to think it is obama, and like i said suggesting that any black person, or even half black, is a monkey is racist.

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