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Life Of A Punctuation Mark.


Life Of A Punctuation Mark. by FRICKINAWESOME on Threadless
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FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Artist

Another go-round at a previous concept, this time with a little further explanation of what each stage of Mark's punctuated life stands for.

( ) parenthesis: Represents where we come from before birth, the energy we are before we are a person. Also represents purity and a mother's womb with its smooth curves.

. period: newborn child, still round, sweet, simple.

; semi colon: child to teenager. A visual cue of the period growing into something bigger, growing up higher. Also denotes not being fully assure of oneself yet, hence a semi colon.

! exclamation point: the twenties through thirties. The big time in life, the time when you are at your peak and living life to its fullest!

$ dollar sign: The main time in ones life, forties to sixties, where the primary focus of life is providing money for various things- family, home, car, college for kids, planning for retirement, etc. Also is the most complex time or dealing with the most issues, hence the twisted nature of the symbol. The halfway point of the design and in life.

/ slash/division mark: this is retirement to eighties, a time when things are slashed from your life or divided amongst many things, when your health starts failing and things you easily could do all your life you can't do as well or at all any more. Visually, a slash looks off balanced, almost falling over.

? question mark: the eighties up until close to passing away. The question mark is like the exclamation mark, but with a hunched over back. It shows old age taking hold of you, as well as questioning life, what it is, what happened over your life and where you are going next.

~ accent mark: the time right before death to dying. A bit like a withered version of the line that makes up the exclamation and slash mark, as well as being off the ground. The accent mark starts at a higher, almost floating position, showing that the mark is about to leave this earthly realm to its next stage of life/death.

{ } fancy brackets: Paralleling the curved parenthesis at the beginning, but show that the energy you came from is something you go back to, although you have now changed it with your lifetime's worth of experiences..

A Frickinawesome and ? collaboration... guess who the other half of this design was made by in the blogs for a chance to win a free tee!

Special thanks to wytrab8 for the presentation.

ben chen
ben chen profile pic Alumni

good job!!!!!

soloyo profile pic Alumni

WOW, whoever it was your partner FA, he/she did an amazing job taking the original version even deeper into the realms of awesomeness 5$

reags profile pic Alumni

nice rework!

Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

Much much much better! neat concept


outstanding dude!! 5$

L-M-N-O-P profile pic Alumni

Guess what dude? This is FRICKINAWESOME!

eQuivalent profile pic Alumni

super cooool $

Plu Shu

Excellent concept and illo dudes!


like it!


great concept!!!!!!! and very nice illustration!


This is very creative. 5

dschwen profile pic Alumni

Typographic masterpiece. Great work you guys! $5


Great work FA and the other person!

Kim Mak
Kim Mak profile pic Alumni

nice work!

GRANDR profile pic Alumni

Very cool!!!

B 7
B 7 profile pic Alumni

brilliant concept, great ideas and nice illustration. This is ace

Ivantobealone profile pic Alumni

That's really genius!! Nothing but $5!!!

Anything Goes
Anything Goes profile pic Alumni

Great style and I love the concept!

Tikimasters profile pic Alumni

Crazy concept, you da man!


Hoping this PRINT! It has a frickinAWESOME concept really well executed! Congrats, 5$!,./(don't know how to make the fancy brackets...)

wytrab8 profile pic Alumni

Loved reading the explanation behind this very thoughtful concept. And the execution is great

( ) . ; ! $5 / ? ~ { }


Great concept, great design :D


i really like it. only objection is that the slash look older than the following two. question mark and (especially) accent mark have a younger look, they look more like a teen or man with deambulation problem than an old man unable to walk. But anyway, is a good idea and fit in threadless catalogue.


So freakin awesome man!

rompetelcuero profile pic Alumni

Wonderful perception!


great update to a solid concept!


Excellent work, concept and execution are top notch. I do agree about the slash looking older, but that's a minor detail. It's also a bit too horizontal for my taste, but totally TL material. Fiving.


Awesome concept & perception!

pia.tra profile pic Alumni

cool idea


this is crazy creative- love it


Great idea! 5$


Killer concept!


other half made by westicles?

brainrust profile pic Alumni

It was good before and it's better now. Nice one!


nice work

dacat profile pic Alumni

Great concept and execution guys, well done!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Artist

foxatee on Oct 26 '10 I think my only problem with this design is that without the explanation given, the general viewer has no idea what's the significance of the punctuation marks.

Thanks for your comments...I don't agree, I just wanted to give a deeper explanation of the thoughts behind each piece of punctuation, but I think the visual clues of both the punctuation and the characters will be more than enough for people to understand what the meaning of the tee is.

westond profile pic Alumni

That looks really great!

snaggle tooth

Very intelligent design executed with a keen attention to detail and thoughtfulness that to me represents a print...$5

Montro profile pic Alumni

pretty awesome. great thinking!!


Very clever concept!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Artist

Thanks a ton everybody....especially to Mr. Randyotter3000 who was the kick-ass artist who helped rev up this remake with me!

Skap 1er

ooooh sorry i missed this one, supa cool!

Frosby profile pic Alumni

very interesting idea. The exclamation mark guy also works as a stand alone image, pardon the pun!


I really love this man... it's fun, clever, and bittersweet all in one. This has to be a print.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Artist

Thanks a ton for the extra interest in this design guys, it was a really personal design and I'm glad others are seeing some meanings behind this that click with them as well.

Again, thanks to phillydesigner for putting the first version of this together with me and Randyotter3000 for illustrating the characters in this version.




waiting for prints...

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