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Design by Jan Zet

Game Over by Jan Zet on Threadless
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Jake Friedman

it would be cooler if it was less sloppy. Re sub it after a lot of reworking


this turned out good!!!!

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cool concept!:D


I really like the concept, but I think it could do with some cleaning up. Also, for next time, people generally don't react very well when you spam their designs, so try not to. There are better ways to promote yourself :) good luck!

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Great color choices and I like the sketch feel. Maybe on a lighter color? Good stuff, man!


Nice job. And I don't know how to work flash either.


Good job! This design is awesome especiially because I too am a gamer! But hey just wanted to let you know posting links to vote on your design is not good here at threadless. I actually don't mind because it helps others but some people get really mad so just a heads up. Anyways good job.

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