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uguptu profile pic Artist

A splashing bouncer, or a bouncing splasher, whatever you prefer. Just a very serious bouncing drop of ink.

It's a resubmission. Fixed some details, made it colored, but tried to keep the simplicity of the original.

Designed in 4 colors for navy tee. Easy to change for any other colorset.


funny and cute - in this exact order! :D



Morozinka profile pic Alumni

you spammed my submission!!! don't do that! don't put link for your design on the other people submission... that is rude. little advice for beginners ;)

uguptu profile pic Artist

Thanks for the comments, and sorry if I put a link to my work here and there. I had no idea it's prohibited, Threadless stuff actually encourages you to do that in the approval email. I stop if from now on if my previous suggestions were false. This was never spam though, I personally HATE spam myself.

Sorry again.

uguptu profile pic Artist

My bouncing inkdrop is not just very serious, it tries to be unobtrisive, too. That's why it didn't want to be too bright on any contrast background color :)

brainrust profile pic Alumni

Fun stuff, looks good on the shirt. Well done!

uguptu profile pic Artist

Coming back to the subject of spamming. I confess that I wasn't right and apologize to the 3 people who got a link to my submission posted in their comments. According to this discussion I was definitely a dirty spammer. As I already said, I won't do this again while promoting what is mine.

ndikol profile pic Alumni

cooool $


This is sooo cooll! simple and brilliant! I want one!


cool design.

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