2x4x4 or pile #10

Design by corey9

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corey9 profile pic Artist

this would make for a great sunday shirt.

jstumpenhorst profile pic Alumni

don't what it is about this one but i really like it!! it's so simple but super sweet!!


i've been a fan of your cute, your abstract, your fun, your dreamy subs...but i have to say that this one by far is the best and i cannot wait to wear it


i'd like it on an off-white or gentle-colored shirt and a bit bigger in size too


I absolutely adore this. I also love how it makes me crave ice cream sandwiches.

corey9 profile pic Artist

I think it would look better if it was a plie of sawdust
lol :)

thanks all!

NomadSlim profile pic Alumni

I think you should vary the planks a bit. Copy. Paste. Mirror. It's just a little bland because of that.

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