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2 Legit 2 chip by radiostaticstar on Threadless
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radiostaticstar profile pic Artist

make way nun bun, save some space virgin mary water stain, scoot over grilled cheesus, there's a new pareidolia in town!

all hail the king of hip pop, it's paint chip mc hammer!

we got to pray just to make it today...

to be printed on asphalt, seems apropos.

check out the hi-res version http://flic.kr/p/8P11BL


Its an interesting concept, and who doesn't like Hammer? But i think this needs to be reworked. Ditch the frame, and make the blue cement/paint color the shirt color.

mismonaut profile pic Alumni

I really like the concept, and the frame. But I thought it was just some old fancy lady from a long time ago. I liked that a little better.

So, uh, if you happen so stumble across a paint-chipped wall where the chips look a little more like a formal portrait of some old European queen....be sure to sub that, too.


I like the frame, but I agree with loosing it for this particular shirt. Great idea though!

deepspacemonkey profile pic Alumni

... and on the eighth day God created Hammer

SuperRyan profile pic Alumni



this made me lolz! I'm so happy to see you subbing...yay!!


hahaha 5!


agree that it would look even better w/o the frame

radiostaticstar profile pic Artist

aw, thanks a lot everybody!

fwiw a frameless, all-over-print is definitely doable!

dampa profile pic Alumni

this is the first time i saw the idea like this! here in thread:)


I totally dig this! Love the frame although I think that I like the way the design looks when it's not on the shirt. It would have been super cool if it just looked like a frame hung on a wall with the MC paint chips behind it and the wall as the shirt colour but hey, it's subbed and it looks pretty damn cool as is too!


original and lets everybody to imagine anything :)

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