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Well, about what SCAM referred > ... I must say that I live in Serbia (Yugoslavia) and really haven't seen that piece of design... And I want to say that playing with barcode is a bit slippery terrain, because almost everybody played with it, wheter as a logo, or a piece for advertising or whatever... Escape is actually a piece that I designed for a last years Threadless competition but I didn't post it then, and even if I copyied someone elses idea, it wasn't on purpose (I really don't approve stealing ideas)... That's all folks, and I'll keep posting MY DESIGNS...


unfortunately this has been done by banksy and possibly others.


5+BUY Love it!!!!


A different color and lose the footprints, and I'd buy for sure!


i rarely say this but i think it will be a lot better if it was moved just slightly off center. the rope cuts the shirt in half.


hmmm.. maybe another color would make this super.
yellow is a horrible color.

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