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Nerdvana profile pic Artist

Clear pocket let’s you create magic while carrying your items or displaying your artwork and photos.

Pocket size: 4.25”x6.15” (roughly the size of a postcard)



YaaH profile pic Alumni



I don't get the "clear" pocket, there should just be a pocket where the hat is, so you could actually pull something out of the hat. but the pocket would have to be shaped with the hat, not just a flat pocket, that would be awesome


You CAN actually pull something out of the head... The pocket isn't completely clear. Unless I'm misunderstanding something?

Nerdvana profile pic Artist

The idea was that the pouch had a piece of the hat printed on it, so that it looks like you're pulling stuff out of the hat.

studio puntje

hm. gotta think about this one...i can see that you put a lot of effort on the concept. now shift it on the execution and maybe it will be more clear. when people start asking questions it means it needs more work.

Stereomode profile pic Alumni

great! $5

Oh Jeez...

can I take a picture of my torso and pull myself out of the hat? I request an especially large picture pocket !...5...!

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