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Haragos profile pic Artist

The Doctor of Doom loves giving villainy advice to the new generation of bad guys.

A parody of two comic classics.


^agreed, awesome mash-up

Resistance profile pic Alumni


NGee profile pic Alumni

Brilliant parody!

soloyo profile pic Alumni

I love Charlie Brown! Lucy was always amazing!


hahaha, cool. i'd take his advice

Haragos profile pic Artist

I'm hoping for a good score on this one. Simply because I love Dr. Doom myself and want to wear the shirt for my own personal reasons! Thanks for the comments and scoring up til now.


insert generic awesome shirt comment here I still hate you btw.

laurastead profile pic Alumni

Lucy may have had the stand but I'm pretty sure Marcy is under that mask sir. Good job!

Ma Bell

this is great!

Haragos profile pic Artist

Honestly, I've never seen that before but obviously you did it first. I apologize I thought I came up with an original concept.


And that is why using other people's IP is dangerous. Because everyone else can use someone else's work, but only you can use original ideas.

I'm not about to say this is stolen, but given how much of this dude's work is just reworking other people's intellectual property, I'm also not about to say he never saw this.

Supporting the free reign of appropriating everything out there eventually leads to this.

NomadSlim profile pic Alumni

Yes they are the same idea. But both of them are based almost entirely off of Schultz. The colors, the lines, the character's position -- those aren't original in either work here. So whoever did it second was ultimately 'doomed' to have theirs look like anyone who had done it prior. I guess I'm just saying this is the most likely accidental idea duplication I've seen here.

Now that fake fatheed from earlier today, well that's a whole 'nother bag of bagels.

Haragos profile pic Artist

Classic Lucy Pose

You did the design first and it doesn't really matter if you believe me or not. I'll talk to threadless about all of this matter soon enough but you have no copyrights on any of this. You don't own Dr. Doom, Lucy, the pose, the box, any of it... so it can be parody and copied by anyone who wants to do it over and over. That is just my 2 cents about this.

agrimony profile pic Alumni

Seeing as the pose and composition were inspired by Schultz anyway, I don't see why they couldnt both be similar.

In any case, if it's original, i'd say well done. If its not then shame on you. But either way its not going to print sad to say :(

rossmat8 profile pic Alumni

Also not to add another straw to this already collapsed camel's back but you also copied the exact shirt murraymullet used.


Dunlavey on Jul 14 '10 I have a hard time believing that you've never seen this work before. The pose and composition are much closer to mine than the Shultz original that you linked too. It was also featured on Super Punch and more Tumblr blogs and forum avatars than I care to count. Please remove the design. Thanks.

I think it's safe to believe what Haragos is saying is true, if your design was everywhere then why would he copy it? copiers don't want people to know what they're copying

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

geeks out

I just wanna say i am a HUGE FAN MR DUNLAVEY

Action Philosophers and Comic Book Comics are two of the most original and inspiring works I have read in the last several years.

end geek out

Haragos profile pic Artist

Dunlavey, I've contacted threadless and they will decide the matter sooner or later. Depends on how fast they act. Honestly, It wouldn't both me very much unless they were original characters... We've seen countless of re-dos on this website for MANY ideas. I apologize for re-doing yours without your knowledge.

This one has been blogged and that is probably how you saw it. I've had multiple designs blogged about to date so if I had any concept that you were that big and this concept was so well known I wouldn't have tried to pass it off as my original concept.

If anything I am guilty of using a pretty much trace of the original Lucy Stand. That was my fault and I wanted it to feel exactly like the old Peanuts comics but I should have realized that if I make it basically exact that it really isn't mine in the first place.

Resistance profile pic Alumni

Hey Dunlavey, chill out bro. You picked one of the most popular comic strips to mashup with another doctor from another popular comic. I have never seen your version before, so count me as another person who hasn't seen your work. Don't be so freaking arrogant as to presume everyone in existence has seen your cute little mashup.

quick-brown-fox profile pic Alumni

Do it again with Doctor Octopus. It sucks when this happens. I ended up asking Threadless to take two of my designs off. One was a shirt based on mandalorian armour, the other was a chalk outline of someone who'd had a google maps marker dropped through them. I'd never seen either. I guess there are so many great ideas out there sometimes two people can have the same one, especially with mash ups like this.

Haragos profile pic Artist

Already contacted Threadless and they are keeping it up for scoring. If it scores well and they want to printed it then I just won't submit the high resolution artwork unless if Ryan is willing to get some of the money for his permissions. But at the moment, I told him I wouldn't.

Only time will tell... I might potentially have an approved sequel to his design by Dunlavey just have to check the internet if anyone used the concept before.


Too Bad About the Drama and to me it's up to threadless as to whether or not to keep or print or whatever. I'm going to stay out of it and just say, cool mash-up, oh so classic!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

agrimony on Jul 14 '10 Seeing as the pose and composition were inspired by Schultz anyway, I don't see why they couldnt both be similar.

In any case, if it's original, i'd say well done. If its not then shame on you. But either way its not going to print sad to say :(

Good grief, lotsa anger towards a most likely honest mistake. I thought it was kinda amazing even though the coloring of the background elements is exactly the same as murraymullet's already printed peanuts design.


The design looks like Dunlavey's lucy sketch because both were based on schultz's art, probably meticulously so. The colors line up, again, because these are the colors I'd expect in a similar peanuts comic. If it is unoriginal in any aspect, it is because it is only remotely successful if you get the source material (once again, a mash-up of characters and styles that the designer doesn't own).

While it's no secret that I'm not big on work that takes two things and makes a PB&J out of them, there is also the added wrinkle of medium. The original artist reimagined his comic strips as new comic strips. They are meant to be exhibited as humor art alone. Parody is always a far safer defense when the primary purpose is not monetary. And while you could argue that Dunlavey is "profiting" in exposure from his work in this thread, it's about people seeing it. He made the comics because, as an artist, he thought it'd be an amusing study. As a series especially, it makes a statement of some sort. It's meant to be viewed and appreciated... if the work is sold, it is probably not for the masses. This tee is inarguably meant to be bought in mass quantities, as its first and foremost concern. When a parody hinges so much on elements that aren't yours to begin with, how can it really be fair use to try and profit from them?

And really, when it comes right down to it, plagiarism need not be intentional. This is the same exact concept, in an almost exact style, as the other artist's work. Now that Threadless and the designer in this thread know it, I can't imagine any lawyer losing a case against them if it went to print. It's no different who knew what when this was made: it was still already done.

I would imagine that people defending this work, despite the simple-really nature of what plagiarism is, is why there is anger toward a most likely honest mistake. If there was only placating, there's no reason for anyone to take this instance as a reason to consider all the ramifications of this scenario. And then it happens again. And next time, maybe the first artist isn't so lucky as to be known until after the money is made. Lashing out at someone who LEGITIMATELY CAN PROVE HE DID THIS FIRST as if sloppy seconds is somehow legal permission, as some of the people in this thread have done, should provoke anger in anyone who creates art.


nice design

Haragos profile pic Artist

Well it's mostly why I stopped promoting it.. I didn't want to bring more trouble than it was worth. Thanks for the believers and supporters. My next shirt should be up for Comic Con and it's more more original... kinda.

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