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Lost in Music by heavyhand on Threadless
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Hello. I wanted to do something clean and simple. At first glance its a Record, second glance its a Maze - Lost in Music. Dark Green on Mint or Yellow. I hope you like it? :)

ben chen
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Very cool! $5


cool $5


Nice work 5er

Plu Shu



Neat, but I definitely think it would be cooler if the maze was less repetitive. Something one could wear at work (in a laid back environment) or in class, and figure out while they sat if they were bored. However, I can also imagine that the design might not look quite as nice if you did that, the extra lines in certain parts and fewer lines in others almost gives it the effect of having those highlights that a nice, shiny vinyl record has.

Great job, I really like it. I would definitely consider getting it for someone I know, if it gets printed.

heavyhand profile pic Artist

Thanks EclecticEccentric - I thought it would look too much like a maze, so I chose to have the dead ends and walk through elements inline to indicate the 'light' effects you would get on a vinyl (seen from a distance), as you mentioned! I made sure it worked so that you can indeed wonder through to both sides!


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This is a great idea! Good job


I looks like PENDULUM sign - check it out!


amazing idea!


let's lost in music!

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