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Salamanderlich profile pic Artist

White ink on black + White glow ink; halftone.

This is one of the first photographs I ever developed in a darkroom.

reags profile pic Alumni

nice and simple concept, but what is it?


isnt that a flashbulb? and if not, does it even matter?

Salamanderlich profile pic Artist

That was fast! [WHAT IS IT?] Ok, well this is one of the light fixtures from the building I live at. I took it for my Materials&Processes Photography class. The assignment was to shoot objects in a "new light". This was actually shot during the day. I still need to get the hang of Shutter Speed and F-stops.

Oh, and I've noticed that the design on the slides looks weird or pixelated, but that's just because the halftone does weird things when it reduces - even the one on the print slide isn't as accurate. I'll post a high-res later!


I'd like it bigger, nice job $4


ah I laffed at the print slide

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