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A picture says 1000 words. There are many variations on this saying i.e. A picture paints 1000 words, a picture is worth 1000 words.

These pictures say 1000 words. I'm aware of a similiar design in the running but I started working on this before I saw that and I still wanted to sub it.

1 colour design on grey, mint or yellow - but works on any colour tee. Thanks to Ninth Wheel for the template. :)


Looks good, and I think the concept works well. Nice job!


wow !! tee - rific !!

CazKing profile pic Artist

yay it's up! Forgot to say these are all photos I have taken myself.



CazKing profile pic Artist

thanks for the comments! :)

ma kettle

I like it!! And aren't all designs on Threadless other peoples dogs, kids, fish etc? I'm wearing plenty of other peoples personal touches they've put on their tees! I love my Threadless Tees!!

CazKing profile pic Artist

They aren't all my family pics - some of them are - and the fish aren't mine - I just took the photo! But thanks for the comments. :)

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