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very nice design

jerbing33 profile pic Artist

thanks all for the comments and high scores! i indeed played around with Frickenawesome's idea about the world concept, and perhaps i will modify this later to include the entire world. However this concept is about how the new world/land of opportunity is just your imagiNATION.


Besides, if it was the whole world it would have to be imagiNATIONS


Well, I wouldn't wear it as it is, but the concept is very interesting. If it was the whole world, I'd be totally sold on this one.


yeah go for imaginations


haha, are we?

dschwen profile pic Alumni

Very cool!

jerbing33 profile pic Artist

thanks guys, glad you like this concept. after this one is done scoring i think i will sub in my imagiNATIONS concept with the whole world. I want to see how the good ol' USofA does first ;)

Tikimasters profile pic Alumni

I love this idea. Keep up the good work

This is such a great concept. I love the treatment of the clouds and text...that sounds way too boring, though. This is really incredible! More! More! :)


nice idea - love the "politics=fluff" :)

agree with frickenawesome - would be nice if it was less US -centric. But great idea!

Jake Friedman

FRICKINAWESOME on May 07 '10 I wish this was less of a Us-centered design and you had the entire world in the cloudiness style to show that the world is what you make of it.

Don't listen to him, because America is the only valuable country. But I actually agree with FA, I think that the concept is good, and should just get more time in a WIP blog.

jerbing33 profile pic Artist

i dont really care for the one ever seems to comment in them. i like this 'US' sub for the reasons i stated above, but also have the world version in my WIP...check it out...or dont. ;)

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