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Everything started with Eve.
Her leg wraps around the tee to the back.


omg boobies.

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Can we have silver foil on her lips and tittahs?


Reading other people's "boobie" comments makes me wonder if this design would easily objectify women... Which I'm sure isn't your intention, seeing as you're a woman yourself, and I'm sure is not the intention of the feminist music festival you are trying to represent. I'm sorry, but the responses so far prevent me from approving. Sorry if I sound like a total bitch... I really don't mean to. Meh. :( Just want to be honest.


I'm sorry if I sounded harsh. I feel really bad and I really didn't mean to.


I think you're talented and I like your idea. I'm just concerned as to how it could be interpreted. OKAAAAY! Sorry I posted so many comments. I just don't want to be one of those people who dishes out criticism just because they can.

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My intention is not to objectify women, anana2903, but I do understand your concern. I view this design as a satire or parody on the all-too-common images of objectified and sexualized women. I thought it would be very interesting and appropriate if for Lilith Fair, the women who attended this event had the opportunity to own and wear a shirt as potentially controversial as this one. This is the sort of shirt to start conversations - and I believe the conversations that would arise from wearing this shirt would bring the issue you speak of to the forefront.

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awesome style!


i agree with anana2903.

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Dear elizabethj, if you read what I said you would understand that I am not in any way bashing the design or saying that it objectifies women. I am merely saying that under these circumstances it could be interpreted as such. I am giving my honest opinion, and it is only one opinion out of many. I wasn't trying to be offensive to the designer or to anyone else. I repeat, I like the idea, just that in this situation, it could be misinterpreted. I don't like conflict, so please accept my explanation and apology. And perhaps the designer is right, it does strike up controversial conversation. Clearly. So in retrospect, I stand corrected. Kudos to you, designer.


where did you find a naked picture of me!? fun drawing :)

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Welll.... she's not the prettiest girl I've ever seen.... :)

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