things that go... BOOM!

Design by R-evolution GFX

things that go... BOOM! by R-evolution GFX on Threadless
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R-evolution GFX
R-evolution GFX profile pic Artist

This started off so simple... a bomb shape made of grenade shapes... simple right, then I thought hmmm... why not include some famous bombs from films? (minus any copyright logos etc of course) after many hours pondering which to include and just simply trying to remember famous bombs lol... this is the end result!

a LOT of "things that go BOOM!"

More detail of the design: CLICK
I couldn't fit it into here under the size limit and do it justice... this slightly does it better justice.


I think I counted like 50+ movies/tv shows that these explosives came from, might run a little comp later to see if anybody can name them all?, & sorry if I forgot any famous bombs, feel free to point out any significant things that go BOOM that I may have missed ;)

R-evolution GFX
R-evolution GFX profile pic Artist

Sorry for the less than great resolution for the last 2 slides, had to squeeze them in under 250kb :| but that way I kept the first slide in sharper detail :)


Haha, absolutely love it! 5$


coooool~~~like Orange

Skap 1er

wow! did you draw all those things? i love the baby barfing.
awesome work!

R-evolution GFX
R-evolution GFX profile pic Artist

Thank you everyone =D

@Skap 1er
Yep, vectored every item you see.
And though babies do tend to explode sometimes lol that isn't what that particular baby is doing, it's corrosive gas ;)

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

If i was the kind of dude who liked saying corny yet appropriate things, i'd call this design "da bomb, yo!".

But i wouldn't do those types of things.

So instead i'll say this is genius work, I love the red ink or on white tee with the uv fuse, and 5$.

Plu Shu

Great details, effective design and some personal fav (the Holy grenade) makes it a 4$

R-evolution GFX
R-evolution GFX profile pic Artist

Yep, good eye on that one.
But, a Lethal weapon bomb yes, part 3 no.

Seems my title almost was a corny one originally... almost, along these lines: "this shirt is DA BOMB!", so yes, appropriate yet reeking of too much corn ;P thanks mate.

Holy hand grenade ftw!
Cheers guys.

Air Ace

awesome! 5


really cool collage.

Starrfold profile pic Alumni

Very clever! Love it on white with the UV fuse!


great work

cartooner profile pic Alumni

boom shakalaka!

R-evolution GFX
R-evolution GFX profile pic Artist

I'll give you that one, but it's a pretty generic nuclear bomb, so left it out as I have a few nukes already ;)

plus seems the UV fuse wasn't such a bad idea too, cheers everyone for the great comments!

1 more day, spread the word :D

dschwen profile pic Alumni

This is a definite PRINT!

R-evolution GFX
R-evolution GFX profile pic Artist


Don't know what you intended to comment there Deseto, but I see nothing :|

And thanks for the comments every1 as always! :D

R-evolution GFX
R-evolution GFX profile pic Artist

Thanks for all the nice comments and support!

I'm pleased with the final score :D cheers guys.


I really like the usage of uv ink you did with this one on the white tee, shame it didn't print I like these kinds of shirts


The design is a blast. Wish I had scored this earlier.

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