HIGH voltage

Design by flembo



love it love it love it. love the actual logo as well.

stotty01 profile pic Alumni



awesome idea!!!!!!


Cool, wouldnt buy it because of "High Voltage Software" tag.


i really like it

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you've become quite the popular threadless designer
great job once again
i believe we have a winner


no kidding... three of your designs have already been printed.
you rule... congratulations on this one being printed as well.


5 for the design and i am a sucker for anything that fly
X if no logo....sorry, threadless is the only logo i want on the shirt


As is everything else you do, this is fantastic Matthew. You never cease to amaze me.
I think you may be the MVP of this website....


[ Can I first mention that I registered for threadless JUST to score this design, Matt? That in itself says volumes about the design. ...though in all honesty, I've meant to join for a long time; I simply needed a motive.]

I love this; it's fabulous. Especially the colors. Strong in concept, too. I'm just not crazy about the faux-logo on the back... its style is disconnected from the illustration on the front - not refined enough, I think. But in all, very nice work.


SupAr Excellant!!!1!!!11!OMG!!!

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

It's definitely a toss up between you and "highvoltageboy" by theroach.

If only we still had duels, we could settle it in a dramatic, network frenzy, "reality show" extravaganza... alas we have to settle for the democratic tally system at Threadless.

Now you might be wondering what the HELL I'm talking about but I'm at work and I've been starring at the computer screen for six hours, this might clue you in:


Ava Adore

glad you got it printed you design some great tee's!

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