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I firstly started to look at sayings and feet, and remembered the phrase "two left feet" referring to a poor dancer. I was going to do a dance diagram using two left footed flip flops. I then started thinking about the origins of Havaianas. I thought "Brazil" and Brazil makes me think of two things. Football (soccer) and Dancing. The Brazilian team are like the Harlem Globetrotters of football, and can often be seen doing a little dance after scoring a goal. This is also a world cup year so might fit nicely. I didn't want to go too far down the soccer route, so took inspiration from the colours of the team shirts and produced three colour alternatives. Single colour belt print, so really simple. (Sorry for the long explanation!).


great idea! fun !


Awesome Idea!


dancing flip flops!


Cool idea !


because people didn´t vote enough or gave you a low scoring. I don´t know why. I loved it, and I see a great opportunity to havaianas use this on copa.

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Thanks world of two. It was getting quite a few votes compared to my other designs. I thought that you get taken off after the first 24hrs, didn't realise that it could get taken down at any time.
With Threadless Loves tees, do the judges look at every design or just the one that wins the Threadless votes?


Fuck the voters. This shouldn't have gotten a bad score at all, let alone an early drop.

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