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Say cheese! by quick-brown-fox on Threadless
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quick-brown-fox profile pic Artist

This design features a silver reflective foil on the polaroid print, i thought it would be a cool and eye catching use of the Threadless speciality printing. My parents' loft is full of memories, like most I guess. I found an old box of cameras, from this one to a disc film camera. I kept the colours pretty minimal, which I hope will draw more attention to the mirrored look of the foil.

soloyo profile pic Alumni

nice idea!


good idea...
want to see this printed~


What a swwet design, would love to see this printed $5


Nice use of the reflective stuff man, would look really original. I'd buy.

bengineer profile pic Alumni

great concept!

briancook profile pic Alumni

Cool idea! It would be even cooler to use the UV ink to have something appear on the picture in the sunlight though I think!

quick-brown-fox profile pic Artist

Thanks man, funny you should say that, but I was going to do that and changed my mind for the mirrored foil look. I thought that would be more eye catching and forever changing, like walking around with a mirror on your chest!

quick-brown-fox profile pic Artist

Thanks a lot for the comments. Nsaia, the beauty of the print is that it's a pic of anyone who's looking at it, with the mirror effect. I supposed that could make the wearer some sort of super stalker!

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