Butterfly Effect

Design by yurilobo

Butterfly Effect by yurilobo on Threadless
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This design was created thinking about everyone who can achieve their goals and overcome every problem with simple acts, like a first step, some nice words or just a simple smile . The Perfect analogy of the Butterfly Effect.


I really like the back design, but the front portion seems like overkill. Maybe one butterfly at the start of the main line on the back leading to a huge all over print of the whole spiral on the front. I'd go for that.


i really like the idea!


nice! like the idea and overall design/style of drawing :)

agree with some of the above comments, maybe make the front simpler, to give the "butterfly effect" bigger impact.

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Nice idea nudeNOTnaked :)
I use the "Tornado" draw, thinking about the metaphorical concept who Philip Merilees gives to the Butterfly Effect: "Does the flap of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil set off a tornado in Texas?"


Sorry about my english ;)


Great concept!

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