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selfsorter profile pic Artist

"Radioactive waste removal.... is hard without shoes."

(Simulated process, possibly done with special ink for glow in the dark!)

The concept for this design is based on the idea that doing certain jobs would be impossible without shoes. Even just one day without shoes could be catastrophic for some.

Quick shout-out to my good friend Professor Ziggler for helping me with the idea (even though he was merely being a smartass at the time lol)

laurastead profile pic Alumni

hahaha! so i do contract work at a uranium plant, and this is what i fear! great big feet!

Tikimasters profile pic Alumni

lol nice feet


Convincing concept and good execution.

soloyo profile pic Alumni

But with big feet comes...

ndikol profile pic Alumni

nice :D :D

selfsorter profile pic Artist

Thanks to everybody who liked the design.

I thought it was a unique take on the design challenge.

But based on the score, most didn't agree.

Oh well I enjoyed it! : P

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