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Digital Revolution by IllusiaX on Threadless
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IllusiaX profile pic Artist

I've gone for the retro feel of old revolution posters but put a raised middle finger on it to add a different spin on the revolution fist and also because alot of us can get a little aggressive at our computers ;)

Hopie Dopie

wow nice, I actually really like this! only suggestion is that there is something not quite flowing/right about the middle finger, nice idea but the execution of middle finger is a tad off. Not sure how to help there, but other than that great!


Long live the revolution!


like the design...maybe play with the font of 'digital'.


Remove the white outline.
Make the midle finger a little longer (To be anatomicaly correct).
Having that finger have the word is not letting it read like a finger.
I don't see a need for all those linework fills

Orbanya profile pic Alumni

I like the overall design. I think you achieved your target aesthetic for sure. I'd say a slightly longer middle finger and a little less busy on the index and pink finger- so as to match up with the ring fingers spacing a bit more.


Very nice.


Thanks for The critique on my Tee , nice design and great concept .


Wow. That is quite a design. I would actually buy this. Well done.


jajaj love it!! I would wear it too :DD great idea!


Beautiful idea. But I think, that the would felt other basis, or added to the proposal another colour. Yellow?

IllusiaX profile pic Artist

Thanks for all your comments and scores so far. To answer all those who say it neds more digital icons, well the digital is in it's creation 100% on the PC in Illustrator i.e. Digital.


I like this geometric style. I would like to see it in different color, a pale yellow for the design...

RedRafael profile pic Alumni

Nice. I think the word digital and revolution need to fit in more with you illustration style. Revolution is a bit hard to read and I think you need more digital icons. Otherwise good job.


Sorry for last comment, thought I was in critiques :S

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