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selfsorter profile pic Artist

(Simulated process with some gold/silver foil sprinkled throughout, on maroon or black)

Instead of making a design and thinking about placement after the fact, I chose a placement then made a design to fit it.

The 2010 trend in this design is treating the t-shirt like a canvas and designing for it specifically. Here I chose the left shoulder and then made a design to flow through the rest of the shirt. (On a hoodie the hair would actually go up onto the hood and down the shoulder!)

I also took into consideration that leopard print looks like it will be a big trend in 2010!

Pakpandir profile pic Alumni

the hoodie looks rad!


The placement's awesome. I'd rather it in the black and white w/ red lips. The other one just doesn't stand out.

selfsorter profile pic Artist

Thanks to everyone who left comments!

Tried to be original with this design, glad you like it.


red looks the best!


Killer placement, killer trend, killer hoodie


I think the maroon is badass.

selfsorter profile pic Artist

I want to thank everybody for their comments.

..... Yeah the maroon fits the design really well.

..... Also thanks for the comments on placement, intentional placement was the goal of this design!

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