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zenonin profile pic Artist
olie! profile pic Alumni

I love the style you used for this so much

Tikimasters profile pic Alumni

Neat style. Nice work

Skap 1er

great great characters

David Maclennan
David Maclennan profile pic Alumni

Nice! Digging the style. Reminds me of the guys who did the retro credit animations in the incredibles film. Hope there's no copyright issues, I would really like to own this shirt.


probably might not want to sign your name either


ngreat JOB!!!! love your style man love the concept too.. cheers!!


good style. But what about copyright? Is not a problem?

check mine?



Like this but you have not answered the copyright question and EVERYBODY is curious. . .

il ratino

great style!

zenonin profile pic Artist

! Hello to all!, with regard to the author's copyright i don´t know it, but I do not believe that there are problems with them since I have seen other t-shirts with designs inspired by famous images, for example: of the cinema or of the video games.
My design of "watchmen" is not a copy is a version with my own style of a known illustration of "watchmen", because of it also I include my signature, in the original illustration was appearing Dave Gibbons's signature. Dave Gibbons was the watchmen´s illustrator.

Thank you very much for the commentaries, they make me happy,
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

Sorry my english, i´m spanish!

biotwist profile pic Alumni

well adding your csig wont make it less copywriten. copywrites for parodys are a grey area that really depend on how badly someone wants to sue you


NEED. I don't care if this is illegal or not, this is the coolest tee ever.

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