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the stipple makes this really nice.


Hehehe. Stipple.

$5!! :D

badnobe profile pic Alumni

really cool.


very nice the way you pulled this together with the snow effect and patterns on the jacket and softness of the fur on the hood, really cooool!

mj00 profile pic Alumni

The shading of that hood is freaking magnificent. And somehow, you've gotten the shine on that ice just right.

(What I'm trying to say is, this is so perfect it makes me never want to draw again. This may be the greatest shirt, ever, in all of time. Scientists will study it, but their findings will be inconclusive. This is so sweet, it defies science and proves the existence of a greater power. And that greater power is a penguin. Encased in ice.)

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni
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Unfortunatly, a lot of this idea is also the same as the somewhat recently reprinted Fire and Ice tee, which is a terrible shame, because i like your composition and the whole feel and flow of this design fifty times as much as that pretty lame other shirt. I'm still hitting 4$ for this one, just thought you might wanna know before someone dickheadishly brings it up. lol.

thiagob profile pic Alumni


jimmytan profile pic Alumni

i quite like this actually. color & effect 5

herky profile pic Alumni

very cool design (no pun intended), the lighting and textures are awesome.


it's really cool (literally, haha ;D), but the penguin crying icy tears made me sad too :'( but it's beautiful and i'd totally wear it! great work :) 5$


must.... have... this... shirt...


I think I'd like it more if the penguin in the ice were more prominent... it took me a minute to figure it out.

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