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Ditch the text, and I'll buy it for sure.

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Consider the text ditched... Arzie13 kicks himself for adding the text at the last minute.


this is an awesome shirt. I would just change the font of the text to something more serious. Like Impact, or bankgothic

Mr. Anthrope

One of the few on the site I would actually be inclined to purchase. I agree that the text can go (let people ask the wearer what it's called) - but I definitely wanted to suggest that the orange line stays. It centers the illustration and maintains the motif of the other orange accents.


It's Pandazilla!

Pandas are awesome. I'd totally buy this. 5

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Panda + one tank - helicopters - burning tank - orange eye = great shirt


I don't know about the panda being cropped on the bottom, and adding a jet as oeverandanon suggested would be nice, but I'm giving it a 5 anyway.

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Panda was accidentally cropped in photoshop, there is some fur down there.


lol i actually laughed aloud for that one


this is truly the coolest t-shirt ive seen yet, keep if exactly the same and print it asap!


Holy crap!! That is completely awesome!!

I would like it better without the text, though.


Hurr, I just read the other comments and realized that you agreed a long time ago to take out the text. The "panda simple" one is ok, but this one is much better. I agree with Mr. Anthrope that the orange line should stay.

On a side note, are you in contact with the Threadless people? Have they confirmed that they will print some variant of this shirt? Make sure to point out the overwhelmingly positive feedback...

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Im pretty sure they are going to print a variant of this shirt before christmas.


i'm a big fan of orange accents on light gray...wish the real shirt was the lighter silver color. anyway, hehe, so cute and unisex


This shirt is far too sick.


I don't mind the text. With or without, I'd buy this. :)


do want!!!

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