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theyve printed front and back before. the vector work on this, especially the bear, is top notch. I'd wear it, just dont queer it up by putting it on some gay color shirt like tan or something like that. i still think it was a crime that your "Updog" shirt was never printed. True genius is always far ahead of its time.

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

I love your work

arzie13 profile pic Artist

Would it be better if there was one bee chasing him on the front, and the back still had the swarm


i'd like it but i can't really see it because there is no freaking shirt to see it on. did you forget that part?

arzie13 profile pic Artist

I can see it on my screen its light blue and there are two of them one represents the front(bear) and one the back(bees). Anybody else not see the shirts.


no, it's just hard to tell where the shirts are.

I don't know what Clay is talking about, I think it'd look great in tan. I do agree with arzie, though. Regardless, it's a great shirt.


Can I have one just with the killer bees?

¥s profile pic Alumni

sweet :)


somebody print this before i spend my cash on crack whores and meth!!! it freakin rocks


haha. love it.

it tells a story. thats pretty neat.

verdict 5.


maybe more color on the bees? they kinda look like wasps

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