Fly Away

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Fly Away by align and adjust on Threadless
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reneehartig profile pic Alumni

Nice colors and great use of the background!


thanks for the score, nice design!

digsy profile pic Alumni

really clean line work and a nice colour scheme, maybe just needs a little more work on the overall design and concept.

also, appreciate the score on mine, but please don't spam other people's designs with links to your own - it's frowned upon here and could have an adverse affect on your voting


It looks great on the tee! I like the circles!


great! Love the colors..


i love the colors!!


nice concept ^^


Could we see it on a different color? Realy cool anyway.

digsy profile pic Alumni

it's spamming
Just because other people also don't know they shouldn't, doens't mean it's right. In fact I think I made the same mistake when I first started here - it's definitely not appreciated by the majority though.

I'm cool with align though - people aren't going to know unless someone tells them nicely first, and he seems to have taken it on board so no worries! :-)

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