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matt1308 profile pic Artist

Meet Larry!
My first Threadless submission.
Don't worry, he won't bite.
He's a softie on the inside.


I heart Larry

soloyo profile pic Alumni


matt1308 profile pic Artist

Thanks everyone!
Keep those comments comin'.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

What up larry?

I can see your uvula from feet miles back.


Different and colorful...I like it.

matt1308 profile pic Artist

Hahaha. Yes, his uvula is quite large, though in poportion to the rest of his mouth it's quite normal... I think. :P

Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you.

The scar was put there based on a critique that said his head looked plain, I think it's a nice touch. But thanks. :)

Haha, yeah some people just like a small design placed in the middle. I think with this being my character Larry screaming, the t-shirt should probably scream out at you.

Keep on votin' and commentin' people! :D

matt1308 profile pic Artist

Why thank-you.
2 days left!

matt1308 profile pic Artist

Last day for votin' folks.

matt1308 profile pic Artist

:) Thanks.


Very cool and individual!

matt1308 profile pic Artist

Thanks guys.
As for GreenRabbit;
I'd like to start off by saying I know those people. And yes it irritates me. Also, while I may be fairly new to Threadless, I'm quite familiar with the Internet and all it's spam.
So I thank you for the link. And do apologise. But in my defence I don't consider to be one of those people. I had been posting the link you would have seen on an aray of designs last night, but I assure you it was only last night, as it is the last day of voting and my target vote amount of 800 was long off.
Further more I would like to say that I generally made it a rule to ONLY comment on designs that I genuinly liked... I think I'll end this rant here.
But I am sorry, and do thank-you for the link to the blog. For the record I have been through all the share options provided by Threadless, and posted on a forum or two. :)

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