Many hands make light work!

Design by ben buzzkill

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ben buzzkill
ben buzzkill profile pic Artist

This design was created in response to the Innovation design challenge and was inspired by a moment at work a year or so back when we were in a meeting room that had motion sensor lighting. Everyone must've been pretty still for a while as the lights went out. This prompted everyone to start waving their arms in the air... "Many hands make light work"!

I feel that this design works on different levels, the message can be taken as a pun or play on words but then it can also be taken as an inspirational message. The shirt also features sign language which is an innovation in itself as a universal language and then the shirt also uses an innovative ink for the glow in the dark feature!

The design uses three colours in total, black, white and super glow yellow. Personally I think it works best on the heather grey shirts but theoretically will work on any light coloured shirt.

Click the right arrow to view the placement and glow in the dark effect!


hehe, nice!

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ben buzzkill
ben buzzkill profile pic Artist

Thanks for the comments guys and thanks for the info on sign language, someone told me it was a universal language and I never thought to question it!

Since reading your post I went and did a little bit of reading up on sign language and learnt a further interesting fact - even though the US and UK both speak English the British sign language letters are totally different to the US ones!


This is cool! Ya know, maybe you can not have the translation underneath each character... it's a little more mysterious but for those that get it they'll appreciate the shirt more.

another option would be to arrange the hands to they spell out "light work" but that would be to cheesy :)


This is great.



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