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haha! Great idea and execution (as always).


So THAT's how he does it !

ndikol profile pic Alumni

hahaha so cool :D

ben chen
ben chen profile pic Alumni

wow cool!!


nice nice!

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Amazing work.


Lol @ "Nice execution"



perfect $5


great concept and execution

soloyo profile pic Alumni

scary but really good 5

ThePaperCrane profile pic Alumni

Brilliant buko!
Coincidentally my lawn mower has just recently packed up, so I have gone back to using a scythe! Its cheaper, greener and a work out.
I only cut the heads of blade of grass though!

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I printed a design at Shirt.woot on Sept 27 that is very similar to this with a different chore and that is currently still on sale there: I don't think this was copied, but I think it's only fair to me and the people that enjoy this design that it be posted.


great idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love it!

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

The one TGWA posted is very similar, so I'm not sure if Threadless would print it, but it looks really great. :) Amazing job as always, Buko.

TGWA profile pic Alumni

The whole point of the concept is that the line is flattened (i.e. flatlined), which is what ironing does. Mowing is about shortening something that grows back. Perhaps I'm a bit touchy on the issue, but I don't see how the change of chore on this one is stronger to the overall concept.


I like TGWA's more.

Hildy 42

so creative!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

TGWA, while i do agree these designs have similiarities and I really enjoy your woot design, I think the main conceptual difference is that you were going for a more "flattened" flatline idea aka wordplay, whereas Buko's concept is more in line with the traditional idea of Death and him updating his standard scythe which is used to chop down grass traditionally and cut down lives, with a modern sitting lawnmower, which deos the same job as his older grass-cutting, life-ending device but in a faster, easier and more detached and lazier way. It's kind of a comment to me on old vs new technology and how Death has fallen into the same technological trappings as the rest of us. Also that the tractor says RIP on it strikes me as amazingly funny. Both good designs, I feel going for different things tho.


yes, very good concept .

TGWA profile pic Alumni

Frickinawesome: I agree, the concept of a technologically updated Death is a good one, but I don't see any ideas in this one that aren't in my own, including updating to the times. Looking closely I had a scythe on the side of the iron. The iron is in mine is basically the modern version of the scythe as well, mundane and suburban. To me only the chore is different, not the overall concept. I just can't look at these designs and say they are going for different things. The ideas are the same: using a modern device to reduce the lines on an EKG readout.

Using one of Buko's designs as an example, if someone entered a design with a cool, sky eagle coming out of a warm igloo, would anyone think this was a different concept? While one component of the design has changed, the concept remains the same. Someone might be able to say that the eagle concept is about flying while the wolf is about howling, but essentially they are the same shirt.

Please note, I'm not trying to come down on Buko. I understand he or she is a very talented artist and is well respected here, and that goes a long way with me. I assume the design was done independently of mind and if he or she came out and said as much I would believe it without hesitation. I also know very well about synchronicity and how it's pretty much impossible to design something that hasn't been done in one way or another in the past. I simply want to stand up for my design. Were it not still on sale and selling fairly well I might not even speak up about it, especially considering the damage it might do to my reputation here as a newcomer. The last thing I want to do is get a reputation as a whiner or paranoid jerk, but I felt it was warranted to stand up for my design. Hopefully that doesn't come across in too negative a way.

TGWA profile pic Alumni

Pardon me, I meant to type: "I assume the design was done independently of mine"

againstbound profile pic Alumni

TGWA, it seems you're being a bit overdfensive, you already got your print, you already got your money and based on the similarities I doubt threadless will print this one regardless of score.

And you seem to have taken my opinion as hostility or something like that, I still think the concept in this one is stronger and that by no means equals telling you to fuck off or anything close to that.

And I assure you I'm being completely objective on this, when I like or dislike a design I speak my mind regardless of who made it, ask around and you'll see it's true.

TGWA profile pic Alumni

As I said above, I'm not trying to be overly defensive. The site that printed mine is different than Threadless in that I get a certain amount for each shirt sold. It can be -quite- a large amount depending on the popularity of the shirt and how long it stays on sale. So I do have an ongoing stake in how well it does or if a very similar shirt gets a print at the most popular shirt site out there only a month after mine went up. That really does effect me in some way.

In regards to your opinion about which is the stronger version, you're more than welcome to it. When I posted above I didn't feel insulted by your comment so much as I just didn't understand how this version fit the use of an EKG readout as much my version. I was thinking of it more from a logical "what does an EKG readout do" vs. this version's more meta version of "what does an EKG readout look like". I think based off FreakinAwesome comments I'm starting to see the differences in the approach. While I wouldn't agree that they are different concepts, I would say that they are different approaches to the same concept, and if you preferred one approach to the other that would certainly be understandable and completely subjective.


good idea yet so sad

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