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That dude forgot to draw his own face!

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Yeah, L1berty, and he started with the clock.

Sweet drawing, love the way you did the shadows (I DO THAT TOO!!! NO, FOR REAL!), but I concur that this belongs on a print.
It'd make one kickass print, though.


Was this fixed up on the computer? The lines used in cross-hatching seem almost too perfect, in how straight they are and how evenly spaced they are too. Nice drawing though, you have great technical skills. I'm not sure about the concept though - like the others said, I'm not sure it belongs on a shirt; there isn't any reason why I would want to walk around with a picture of a guy drawing in his kitchen on my shirt, regardless of how well it's drawn.


can i fill in the blank? haha..
Very nice, bud.


Not sure if it would work on a tee, but it'd definitely work as a print.


i like the style. would look better smaller

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Sorry, I have this habit of making my designs very large on the shirt.

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Any final comments please?


very well executed.....loveeeeee how you did the lines.

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Sorry I missed this, very cool! Great line-work.

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