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Design by biotwist

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biotwist profile pic Artist

everyone wants to fit in, especially pink elephants. this design was made on a suggestion from my now ex-girlfriend and will never here the end of it if I don't point that out

this can be printed on a pink or blue shirt, in either waterclorery simulated process or a simple 3 version ( or 4 if you print it on any color other then pink

almozline profile pic Alumni

very nice!

T-Lou profile pic Alumni

great idea! would also be cool for TL kids - and extra marks for crediting yr ex too! $5




I like the effect!

ben chen
ben chen profile pic Alumni


Pakpandir profile pic Alumni

its very cute. great idea!


ACK! Elephant!! :)

lawrence loh
lawrence loh profile pic Alumni

like the effect, it seems like the elephant really painting itself!


Something about the background originally being pink & the elephant being pink & wanting to fit in but by also getting gray paint on the wall is a bit bothersome but, the over all thought of it is very clever & if I were a more trendy, pink wearing type of guy I would buy this in a heartbeat. Good stuff.

biotwist profile pic Artist

he's trying to fit in as a grey elephant just like all the other elephants. he is also a sloppy painter

mrdavenport profile pic Alumni

great dude!

biotwist profile pic Artist

I wonder what the chances of getting 40 more comments before this finishes are

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Yeah, i think it would make more sense to have the regular colored elephant pink in an ironic twist and such, but i love the look of the splashed, half-paint elephant.


very nice idea and good execution


"he's trying to fit in as a grey elephant just like all the other elephants. he is also a sloppy painter"

I got that much, I was just pointing out that he (standing with no other elephants) is a pink elephant in front of a pink wall. Understand?

biotwist profile pic Artist

it's assumed all other elephants are naturally gray if you you want to get meta but real just just a cute pink elephant painting itself gray. I supposed this could also work as a gray elephant painting itself pink on a gray shirt


Or if it's simply printed on a black shirt (assuming that would make the pink wall black). I thought about other colors of shirts but I think black would go best with this design.

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